Psychology with Customers!

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

This week in my social media marketing class we are asked to make a post on our own individual blogs we have created for this class. Dr. Harlow (our professor) shared with us a great social media blog that we could all follow. After looking at some of the articles that were published, I was very impressed with what was being shared. The link to the blog I am going to share with everyone is, It’s titled “7 Social Psychology Studies to Help You Convert Prospects into Paying Customers.” The article offers you 7 different strategies you can use when you approach a prospective customer. The reason why there is 7 different ways you can go about this is because each customer is different, and each encounter will be different based on what the customer wants, how the customer is feeling, and so on and so forth. The first strategy you can select is you can play the devil’s advocate. For marketers, playing devil’s advocate offers an opportunity. It enhances the marketer’s persuasiveness in efforts when possible customers see their own concerns being met before they purchase that certain product. The second trick if you will is to use a sense of urgency. This is the oldest trick in the book but more than not, it is probably the most effective. But when using a sense of urgency you really need to know what your customers want. If you don’t fully understand your customers, this could drive them away. Another good strategy that was mentioned was you should highlight your strengths. People don’t want to hear the weaknesses of your product because they will be uneasy about making that purchase. Another good strategy I thought that was mentioned was marketer’s want to make their customers brains light up instantly. People like to get rewarded for something right away. So with using words like instant, immediately, and fast, make that thought of instant gratification come to customers mind. The next strategy that works is that you need to know how to sell to your 3 types of buyers. The 3 types of buyers are tightwads, unconflicted, and spendthrifts. Once marketers understand the buying process of each of the potential customers, selling their product will become a lot easier. Last but not least, make an enemy was mentioned for one of the strategy. When I read that I was a little skeptical about that. But when I read the article, it made a lot of sense to me. When having an enemy this makes customers establish brand loyalty. What marketers are striving for is to achieve a cult-like addiction to their brand. Once a marketer can master or even get good at these strategies, they will have great success in the selling business.


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